BFT Photo Eye Polarized Reflective Photocell

BFT Photo Eye Polarized Reflective Photocell

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BFT Polarized Reflective Photocell - Use this Photocell safety Device with any brand of Gate Operators. BFT Polarized photo beam can handle just about all your photo beam needs. This Retro Reflector beam is not affected by rain, dew, fog, bright sun, reflections from sand or water. Great for perimeter security, gate operator systems, home security, garage doors, barrier systems and more.

BFT "POLARIZED" / Retro-reflective Photocell:

Polarized Sensor 
Red infrared led element 
IP-66 water proof/cable gland 
PMMA upper casing, anti fog/dew/rain 
Round shape reflector-Dia.:80mm 
Input volt: AC/DC 12-250V non polarity 
Twin colorsled indicator for beam alignment 
Tamper switches included 
Sensing range 35ft. 

BFT Photo Cell / Photo Eye with Reflector