SEA Gate 1 DG Control Board

SEA Gate 1 DG Control Board

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The Gate 1 DG Control Unit by SEA is designed for the management of one 115 V motor with or without limit switches. It features buttons, a built-in display and extractable terminals to allow for simple programming and customization of your operator.


Compatible Operators:

• Taurus Rack
• Taurus Chain
• Taurus Box 900
• Lepus Box
• Lepus Rack




• Management of one 115 VAC motor
• Adjustable slowdown for open/close
• Adjustable pedestrian opening
• LED warning light
• Connector for RF plug-in receiver
• Self-learning working time
• Encoder management
• Inversion on obstacle with encoder
• Balanced or standard safety edge management
• Separate torque adjustment for open/close

• Programmable through Jolly 3
• Motor inversion and limit switch (left/right hand mounting)
• Automatic closing adjustment
• Start in pause adjustment
• Prepared for Master/Slave management
• Adjustable courtesy light output up to 4 min.
• Setting number of cycles for assistance
• Settable photocells input
• Extractable terminals
• Photocell self-testing