SEA User 1 DG (24V) Control Board

SEA User 1 DG (24V) Control Board

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The User 1 DG Control Unit by SEA is a low voltage board designed for the management of one 24 V motor. It is used as a replacement board on a variety of operators and has dozens of features to allow for custom programming of your operator.


Compatible Operators:

• Lepus Box
• Taurus Rack




• Management of One 24V Motor
• Adjustable Open/Close Slowdown
• Adjustable Motor Speed
• Adjustable Pedestrian Opening
• 24V LED Warning Light
• Emergency Battery Management Through Optional Battery Charging Card 
• Connector For Plug-In RF Radio Receiver
• Self-Learning Working Times
• Programmable Through Jolly 3
• Adjustable Amperometric Type Inversion On Obstacle
• Photocells Self-Testing

• Motor Inversion and Limit Switch (Right/Left Hand Mounting)
• Extractable Terminals
• Automatic, Security and Step by Step Type 1, Step by Step Type 2, 2 Buttons, Dead Man's Logics
• Separate Torque Adjustment For Open/Close
• Slowdown Speed Adjustment
• Automatic Closing Setting
• Start In Pause Setting
• Prepared For Master/Slave Function
• Settable Photocell Inputs
• Balanced or Standard Safety Edge Management